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Kitchen Deep Cleaning – Step by Step Guide

We don’t need to mention the importance of this section in a house, but yes, we need to let you know why you need to keep your kitchen clean and how you can do it. The dusty or cluttered kitchen components like the air fryer, juicer, refrigerator, or oven are not part of an ideal kitchen. You should spend some extra time deep cleaning the kitchen, and we’ll tell you how to clean the kitchen the way it should be.

What do you need for kitchen deep cleaning?

Well, there are a few supplies you should have with you to start cleaning the filthy kitchen. Don’t worry. They are not hard to get, and you may have them with you already. Some of those supplies are

  • Stepladder
  • Dust mop
  • Clothes pieces (for cleaning)
  • Small tub or bucket
  • Sponges
  • Vacuum
  • Best kitchen cleaner (Mild cleaner, soap, or something to use for cleaning)
  • The best degreaser (optional, but you should have it with you)
  • Mop or towels

Now the kitchen deep clean starts with the first step: to get rid of dirty dishes and clutter. Let us mention the whole process of deep cleaning in the steps.

Don’t stress, handle the mess…!!!

A quick 10-minute cleanup

The first step is to do a quick cleanup, and this means to pick some easy garbage and dispose of it (take it out from the kitchen). The quick cleanup also includes the cleaning of dishes you may have, and this step will be a good start for your kitchen’s deep cleaning. In the quick cleanup, get everything that should be in the refrigerator and keep it in its place. The first quick cleanup step is mainly to arrange things, and then the next step of cleaning your kitchen starts.

Cleaning the Walls

You have to use the dust mop to start cleaning your ceiling and walls. Make sure nothing is left uncovered in your kitchen that could affect by that dust. You can use the wet mop where necessary and run a thorough cleanup, including the door, handles, electric switchboards (be careful), and air vents. You can use the degreaser for some parts of the kitchen, but you have to make sure you clean the grease and grime thoroughly to get rid of them.

Cleaning the Decoration / Art pieces

If your kitchen has some decoration items, i.e., paintings or sculptures, you should clean it but always avoid any usual cleanser because it may damage the art piece. Not all the cleaners are made for that kind of stuff, but you can always get one made, especially for them. Clean the frame and glass of the painting and the sculpture using a wet mop.

Cleaning the Fan

If you have a fan in your kitchen, you have to clean it using a gentle cleanser. Don’t put a lot of pressure on cleaning it. Sometimes, you may need to remove it or sometimes get close to it for a thorough clean.

Washing Curtains & Blinds

For deep cleaning the kitchen, one main step is to wash curtains, blinds, and draperies. You will need to wash them separately, but don’t forget to look at the guidelines on how to wash them depending on their stuff. While those curtains and blinds are removed, you will get a chance to clean the glass and the windows.

Cleaning Refrigerator and Oven

When it comes to the refrigerator, it should be cleaned from the outside and inside. For the refrigerator, you can use a good cleaner (you will find a good refrigerator cleaner), and it will make your refrigerator shine like a new one. Don’t forget to unplug the refrigerator before cleaning it and do the same with the oven or any other electric appliance you may be cleaning during the deep clean.

For the inner side, you should remove any unnecessary food, and we would recommend you to get everything out from the refrigerator and clean it as well. You can use a refrigerator inside cleaner easily.

Once you decide to clean the inside of the refrigerator, do it thoroughly by removing the draws and accessories to reach the points, which would not be possible in normal cases.

Follow the same cleaning method with the oven and clean the appliances’ outer side with a wet mop or designated cleaner to make them shine.

Cleaning other Appliances:

Once you have the cleaner (steel cleaner in some cases), you can now clean all other appliances like an air fryer, blender, or toaster. Again, make sure they are turned off before using them.

Organizing the Kitchen

During the kitchen deep clean process, you get a chance to reorganize the kitchen. In case you want to change the location of certain appliances or want to reorganize the kitchen, this can be the best time to do it. While your filthy kitchen is being cleaned up properly, you can plan to reorganize it for a different and better look.

Clean Kitchen – Great Ideas…!!!

Cleaning the Dishwasher

Now, if you have a dishwasher, that may be saving a lot of time and energy while cleaning dishes. You can read about how to clean a dishwasher.

How to Clean Grease Off Kitchen Cabinets?

If you are thinking about removing grease from kitchen cabinets, well, it is not that difficult. It is quite obvious to have the grease on the kitchen cabinets, near the stove or the oven. Well, there are plenty of kitchen grease removers available, and you can use a good kitchen grease remover to clean cabinets. You can use designated cleaners for cleaning kitchen cupboards and a lot of air fresheners to keep the kitchen look fresh.

Best Way to Clean the Kitchen Floor

The kitchen deep cleaning ends with cleaning the kitchen floor. You can find plenty of good cleaners, but it all depends on the type of floor you have. You can find a specific cleaner (can easily be found on amazon). Usually, polishing a kitchen floor is not recommended except for a certain polish type, which is just for the shining and doesn’t make the floor slippery.

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