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How Long After Eating Can You Exercise?

Well, it doesn’t matter which part of the world you belong to, you may still want to know how long after eating can you exercise. TheCloveHitch noticed no accurate and comprehensive answer available to this question, so we decided to answer this question.

You have to understand how much you eat and what type of food you have direct impacts on the training and by training, we mean both extensive or just the light workout. If you’ve been doing exercise, you know what do we mean.

Things to Consider:

If you go to the gym right after consuming the meal, your body won’t digest it properly, and it will directly impact your performance. The same goes with the empty stomach because you need the energy to do the exercise with the food enriched with protein and carbohydrate.

What do Experts Say?

According to PartnerMD, extensive exercise without proper food results in low blood pressure and a nauseous feeling.

If you are having a huge meal, Livestrong recommends 3-4 hours wait after the meal until you start an extensive exercise. You can start the exercise after 2 hours if you’ve had a small feed.

If you follow a certain diet plan and use pre-workout supplements with a special meal, you will find a guideline with the pre-workout supplement. You should refer to those instructions.

If you are going to have a short extensive exercise session, HPRC suggest you consume 200-300 calories and start the exercise after an hour.

Now, if the exercise takes 60 minutes to complete, you will need carbs and protein to provide enough energy to the body during the workout. You should consume enough carbs (300-500 grams) and enough protein intake (2 servings) before an extensive 60-minute workout.

Recommended Pre-Workout Snacks:

Now, the recommendation is to get enough protein, carbs and fats before the workout. If you’ve set a goal and following a specific diet plan, the intake ratio will change accordingly. But whatever the goal is, enough protein, carbs and fats will provide you with energy to do the exercise without getting tired.

For protein, you can consume fish or chicken. Even if you are having a protein shake, still other sources of protein are recommended. The protein shake is not enough to provide you with what your body needs.

You should also have vegetables and carb-dense foods. Brown rice and fruits are good to eat.

Final Thoughts:

The goal you want to achieve through your workout and exercise relies on your food and the diet plan you follow. You will find many professionals having protein shakes, fish, chicken, spinach, butter, almond milk, carbs, and fats daily. It all depends on your goals actually. If you just want to do the light exercise, you don’t need to follow an extensive diet plan. But still, you should follow the proper guidelines and instructions about the exercise and the diet plan.

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