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How to Get Free Food in the UK

Are you hungry and want to eat something? If you are living in the UK and thinking about how to get free food, then don’t you worry about your money. Because here you can get your desired food free of cost.

In this article, I am going to share with you some amazing ways to get free foods.

Food waste supermarkets:

You must know by the name what is going to happen. Yes, you are thinking right. In the UK, there are many food waste supermarkets. These markets donate their food (which is not up to their lofty standard) to restaurants’ storerooms.

Good Food Ends in Good Talk…!!!

This saves a lot of food from being wasted.

The amazing thing is that these restaurants do not charge you for food but, for your feelings about the food.

Takeaway apps:

Here I will tell you about an amazing app, and I hope you will share it with your friends. When you first sign up on takeaway apps, get a discount on your first order.  I am sure you will try it to enjoy delicious food and drink.

Mostly Deliveroo and Uber Eat both apps are used for food delivery in the UK.

Eat on your Birthday:

On happiest moments, getting free foods brings more joys. You will be so happy to know that many restaurants are giving free foods on your birthday. Birthday comes once in a year, but you can enjoy free foods and drinks, chocolate and snacks.

That day you don’t need to open your purse. You are free to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner without spending a penny.

Grow your Food:

If you are looking to have fresh foods and vegetables, you must try to grow it to your own. Having a small garden gives you the facility to grow a range of different fruits and vegetables. If you have no place for this, then you can grow these things in small boxes. Boxes which cannot be used further you can use them for vegetation.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.

Virginia Woolf

Coriander and tomatoes are small and easily growable plants.  Vegetation is beautiful to pass the rest of your time.

Free dinner at a part-time job:

Many cafes and restaurants are giving a free meal to their staff members during their shift in the UK. They permit you to go home with the remaining food. It would be good for you to get a part-time job if you are foody 🙂

Free tasters of new food products:

An amazing fact of UK restaurants, bars and cafes is that they promote their new food product. They organized events to get their products tested free of cost.

There are some online pages such as Deals Sections and freebies page. Users of these pages get something while signing up for the first time. Things like sugar ketchup and other premium condiments are free in some places.

Eating Competitions:

You got to know what I am talking about. Yeah, of course, you can enjoy free food by entering in eating competitions. Often eating competitions are held for free without any membership. The winner doesn’t pay anything for his part in the competition.

Good Food Brings People Together…!!!

Some of the restaurants have posters to promote their massive meals. They will give you free food if you eat the meal in one sitting. This is another way of promotion.

Openings and launchings of supermarkets:

If you are well aware of your surroundings, make sure you are there for the supermarket’s opening day. On the day of openings of restaurants and supermarkets, most of them offer a decent discount on their opening night or day. You can enjoy your favourite food in a minimum amount. The United Kingdom is also famous for this kind of activities. It is so cool to eat freebies. Those who cannot afford expensive foods they can enjoy a variety of foods in free.

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