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12 Generic Food Deals at Walmart

Do you know an average household in the U.S spends four thousand six hundred and forty-three dollars on groceries every year? That makes it around $400 per month; quite a big chunk, isn’t it? This is one of the reasons why saving on your groceries is the ultimate and best way to maintain the household budget.

Best Deals in Town

Today, we will walk you through the 12 best Walmart generic food deals, which will help you maintain your budget and provide you great value for money because these are fresh, tasteful, and full of health. So, let us get started with our list of 12 Generic Food Deals at Walmart.

Great Value Chewy Protein Bar Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate 10g Protein 5 Ct. Price: $2.50

If you want to boost your energy, then a chewy peanut butter protein bar would be the best choice for you. The Chewy protein bar comes with a sweet combination of peanut butter and dark chocolate, which is definitely relished and worth it. Great value chewy protein bar offers you 10g protein per serving, also recommended for the people who love exercises and sports.

Great Value Cream Cheese Spread – 16 oz Price: $2.88

If you are a cheese lover, then a great value cream cheese spread would totally do justice according to your taste. It has a great quantity under affordable price, which is admirable. Now prepare your favorite food items such as Cheese Pizza and Dinner recipes with cheese as much as you want because you will not run out of cheese spread again.

Great Value Fully Cooked Breaded Boneless Buffalo Style Chicken Wyngs, 24 oz Price: $6.24

Who does not love chicken for lunch and dinner? Great Value Fully Cooked Breaded Boneless Buffalo Style Chicken Wyngz is the best choice to prepare a mouthwatering dinner. This breaded boneless chicken uses boneless rib and breast meat and is coated with spicy buffalo sauce to enhance your cooking experience. Enjoy a perfect and fresh chicken meal with blue cheese and dipping sauce, and enjoy every bite.

Great Value Natural Smoked Flavored Almonds, 16 oz Price: $4.96

If you want to enjoy perfect crunchy nuts, then great value natural smoked flavored deserves a fair chance. These are fresh and hold the best smoky flavor that will leave you to crave for more; these are perfect snacks and suitable for your midnight cravings.

Great Value Thin Sliced Smoked Ham, 9 oz Price: $2.08

Great value thin-sliced smoked ham is best for the people who do not want to go for extra fat meat. This thin-sliced smoked ham offers you 97% fat-free meat, which you can prepare in any way, it is fresh, and it contains no artificial preservatives. The smoked ham flavor also adds to the taste and is ready to use.

Great Value Magic Treasures Cereal, 11.5 oz Price: $1.47

Cereal is an important meal of the day, and you can make the best out of it if it offers you taste and quality. At the same time, great value magic treasures cereal abounds with 12 vitamins that fill your day with energy and health. Just use your favorite milk and get powered by minerals and vitamins; it gives you 160 calories per serving.

Great Value Deli Style Sliced Sharp Cheddar Cheese, 12 counts, 8 oz Price: $1.84

Are you one of the dairy lover people? If yes, then Great value deli-style sliced sharp cheddar cheese has been added to the list for you. It offers you 8 oz at a reasonable price. The package will provide you with 12 deli-style slices containing the best quality cheddar cheese.  Prepare your juicy burgers, healthy sandwiches, or veggies, and the best taste will follow you.

Great Value Creamy Peanut Butter, 40 ounces Price: $2.74

Great value creamy peanut butter has a matchless taste that gives you the healthiest and smoothest spread; the great value creamy peanut butter is gluten-free, so make your next toast without worrying about your health. It has 8 grams of protein per serving, making it good for breakfast and lunchtime.

Great Value Original Unsweetened Almond milk, 64 fl oz Price: $1.82

Great value original unsweetened almond milk is best for lactose-intolerant people; also, the taste and freshness will captivate you to use it daily. The unsweetened milk is a healthy beverage and offers you 30 calories per serving. The taste of almond adds to the taste, and you can use it in many of your recipes.

Great Value Rippled Cheddar & Sour Cream Potato Chips, 8 oz Price: $1.23

Whether for midnight cravings or get the party started, potato chips seem a bit necessary. With Great Value Rippled Cheddar & Sour Cream Potato Chips, you will enjoy every bit of it as it offers premium cheesy and tangy flavor, which makes it almost impossible to stop. It is excellent for lunch breaks, barbecues, picnics. And quality is its taste.

Great Value Root Beer, 67.6 fl oz (2L) price: $0.72

Talking about a quality gluten-free beer? Great value root beer it is. It is probably a time for you to sit and relax and chill with one of the best beverages. It is creamy and delicious. Quench your thirst with the best beer in the market. You can also prepare some secret recipes with it. Great value root beer gives 180 calories per serving.

Great Value Cookies & Cream Ice Cream, 48 fl oz (1Q) Price: $1.97

Great Value Cookies and Cream Ice Cream is a perfect dessert for everyone. Whether you are an adult or want it for kids, everyone deserves such a delicious and healthy treat once in a while. Great Value Cookies and Cream Ice offers you 210 calories per serving and about nine servings per container. Use it however you want, make your favorite homemade milkshake, or serve it just like that.


We have presented the 12 most favorite and healthy food items of all time. Choosing the generic will not only help you save money, but also you can enjoy the quality and tasteful food.

Grocery shopping may otherwise get expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. So, next time you visit the grocery store, pick your items carefully. What is your generic food item?

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